Patient Participation Group

Patient Participation Groups (PPGs) are made up of ordinary members of the community who want to make sure that patients’ voices are heard and to help their local surgery deliver the best possible service. Springfield Surgery has had a PPG since 2004, and we have worked closely with the surgery ever since.

What Do We Do?

We are here to represent patients’ views to the surgery. We welcome your views on any matters relating to the surgery, and can then discuss them with the practice manager and doctors. However, we are not a mechanism for resolving individual complaints, the surgery has a complaints system for you to do that directly.

Since 2004 we have conducted surveys, held public meetings on health issues and helped to publicise flu clinics and other special events at the surgery. When the surgery is inspected by the Care Quality Commission, we are able to talk to them and contribute to their assessment.

Occasionally we raise money for equipment for the surgery through generous donations from patients and residents. We bought the first defibrillator in Elstead (still held at the surgery), the children’s play equipment in the waiting room and currently a micro-suction machine for the removal of ear wax.

We meet every two months or so, some meetings are just the patient group, others are with the doctors and practice manager.

We are very fortunate to have a caring and responsive surgery in Elstead that still provides a family doctor service. The NHS is changing around us and we will only keep the services we value by ensuring that they operate as effectively as possible. Help us do that by joining the PPG!

We would very much welcome new members, particularly parents of young children, so that we have a more balanced cross section of patients represented.

If you wish to register with our PPG, please complete our online Register with the PPG form.